Hand Hammered Classic Wok • Metal handle stays cool while cooking

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 All sold out? Cookware available January 28, 2023 at 9am PST.

Newquist Forge is a small artisanal blacksmith shop in the Pacific Northwest. We make a limited number of cookware and tools each year. Sign up on our mailing list to receive shop updates.

 Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. Made to order.

Hand shaped from beginning to end. The wok comes pre-seasoned and ready to use straight out of the box. Hand hammered carbon steel, easy to season, and gets better with each use.
 The round bottom wok is designed to conduct heat more evenly and allow the ladle to pick up and move food at the bottom more easily.

14" diameter is the recommended size for a home kitchen. For gas stove top only.

Our wok lends a wonderful 'wok hay' flavor to your stir fries. The wok's origins are from China where for over 2000 years it has been the most versatile piece of cookware in the kitchen.

 WOK RING REQUIRED. Can be separately purchased here.

Matching cooking utensils set -- wok spatula and ladle

***Improved Version 2.0. Our classic wok handle has been slightly redesigned to make the handle easier to use when washing up, and a little wider for a sturdier grip.***



3.5"-4.5" Bowl Depth

4 lbs 3 oz for the 14" wok

16 gauge sheet metal (you can order thicker gauge on request)

Gas stove is required for optimum performance. Wok ring required. Can work on electric stove ,if you cook smaller amounts of food at a time to ensure it doesn't bog down.

Our products are made to order. When you order, it is a pre-order, and the blacksmith gets to work to fulfill your order. We do not keep a backstock or inventory of our products.

Please allow up to 6 weeks from time of purchase. Ships USPS Priority Mail or UPS. You may request another shipping service (must cover any additional shipping costs)


We accept returns or exchanges within 14 days of delivery. Items must be returned within 30 days of delivery. Need to cancel your order? Please contact us at newquistforge (at)gmail.com to discuss options.

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