Erik has been a blacksmith for more than 20 years. After he received his artistic training at the Penland School of Craft, he apprenticed with artist blacksmiths Paul Thorne and Rusell Jacqua in the Pacific Northwest. He founded Newquist Forge in 2016. When he isn't creating dozens of woks or sculptures, he's in a boat with his little boy on Mystery Bay.

photo credit: Ari Stepp



Solomon Dusseljee apprenticed with Erik for a full year before joined our team as assistant blacksmith. He's now helping with everything from hammering woks to forging handles. He spent 10 years teaching outdoor and nature studies to youth and children, and rock climbs and kayaks in his free time.

Radha Newsom focuses on function and design, product photography, and communications, and test drives Newquist garden tools in her large vegetable gardens and the cookware in her kitchen. While not a blacksmith, she finds willow and cedar bark a fun medium to form into useful shapes (baskets!).