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Our Story

Newquist Forge is a family business founded 2016 on Marrowstone Island in Washington state by Erik Newquist and Radha Newsom. We are inspired by the idea that the objects around us need to be functional, long lasting and beautiful.


Erik has been a blacksmith for 20 years. Inspiration for cookware--and specifically woks--came from the daily meals of fragrant fried rice and pad thai cooked in woks while on a lengthy cycle tour in Thailand and Laos. When Erik began to hand hammer woks, he learned so much about function, technique and the cultural heritage of the wok from Chef Grace Young’s Breath of the Wok.

Erik Newquist cycle touring in Laos

We focus primarily on hand hammered woks, cookware and garden tools.  The online store is only open for a day every three months. Newquist Forge also creates custom architectural work for customers on the Olympic Peninsula.  Everything we sell is personally hand made by Erik Newquist.

Our goal is to produce functional and beautiful tools and cookware that last a lifetime. All products are tested for functionality, ease of use, and durability.





Stay up to date on when our sales are happening so you don't miss out! We're a small family business, and every product has been hand forged. High demand means we sell out of most products within a few hours.We'll include sale dates and updates from the forge!