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Article: Our sustainability practices

Our sustainability practices

Our sustainability practices

We believe that it is NOT the sole responsibility of the consumer to ‘save the planet’. It is the companies that produce goods and services, no matter how small, to be responsible for the well-being of the environment and people.

Our upcoming blog series will be exploring how Newquist Forge works is focusing on carbon, waste, and how to do more with less.

Here's what we are doing :

  • Making things to last: Our products have a lifetime guarantee, which means that you won’t need to buy a replacement, ever.
  • Most of our production facilities run on renewable energy–electricity from hydroelectric dams. This includes the blacksmith shop’s heating and lighting, power hammers and other equipment, and our induction forge which is used in over 50% of our production. Induction forge
  • We recycle all our metal waste, which is converted back into dimensional steel at mills in the USA.
  • All water used in the blacksmith shop is collected from rainwater.
  • 2024 we are committed to using 50% recycled and 100% recyclable shipping and brand materials. We currently use reused packing material and recyclable and biodegradable tape. 
  •  Our steel is sourced from at least 90% US steel manufacturing companies. And our wooden handles are 100% US grown and made.
  • We give back to organizations that are doing sustainability work in our region, including Northwest Watershed Institute which is protecting and restoring forests and watersheds.
  • We will begin carbon offsetting every package that we ship out to customers, beginning May 6, 2023.

Check out our upcoming blogs that explore the what and how of induction forging,  our sustainable shipping practices, and more!


Sustainability inside the blacksmith shop

Sustainability inside the blacksmith shop

Forging takes energy. We choose electricity!

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